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Gorgeous Black Pussy Beauty is an eclectic collection of perfumed beauty necessities directed by the nose of the artist Michael B White, to delight and enhance his world of art.

   The suite comprises Eau de Toilette, Body Massage Oil, Hand Lotion and Hand Soap, Bath Salts, Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. Created and handmade with inspiration in England, near the artist's seaside studio in Sussex. Without Parabens. No artificial fragrances or colouring. Guaranteed 100% fur free.

   Based on extra squashed virgin olive oil from the boutique grove of Mr & Mrs Michael B White. Hand picked in Piano La Roma, nestling under the Majella mountains of Abruzzo, Italy.

   This area, famed for its wild cats, gives inspiration not only to Michael Bs cat portrait, but also this gorgeous scent, created with Essential Oils of Bergamot, Cedar Wood, Oak Moss and Vetiver.

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